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Senior Electrical Engineer

I have worked in the construction industry for over 32 years in various roles and capacities, In which I have gained the experience and knowledge in working on commercial sites installing, supervising, and also designing.

This experience has gone hand in hand with working with various project delivery teams and clients, and building relationships through collaborative working, which I believe is key to a successful project.

I have worked in a variety of sectors including Education, Office, Rail, Food Processing, M.O.D, Sports Facilities, National Health, and Retail projects.


In my role as Senior Electrical Engineer I am responsible for the electrical design & engineering principles to take projects from initial concept through to delivery and completion within project time frames, whilst considering safety (CDM), cost, sustainability, and following all the latest guides and standards. Also using the latest software available to deliver high quality projects and information flow.


I believe I am a very approachable person, and helpful towards others, and believe in building strong working relations with all members of the design team and clients.

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