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CLIENT: Northern College

LOCATION: Barnsley, South Yorkshire

VALUE: £1 million

Initially appointed to carry out an assessment and energy analysis of the existing district heating system, NOVO carried out an appraisal of the existing 25 year old gas boilers, and the options available to the client to reduce the carbon footprint of the College.


All technologies, such as biomass, photo-voltaic panels, air source heat pump etc. were considered and the implications to the Grade 1 listed building assessed, as was the capital expenditure and payback of each system.


Once the energy assessment was completed and the project was approved, NOVO were appointed to carry out the detailed design, site inspection and commissioning management of the new decentralised boilers, removal of the district heating system, provision of new solar thermal panels and the provision of new teaching spaces and a children’s centre.


The works that NOVO carried out predicted a 25-30% reduction in natural gas consumption by the College. Over the first 6 months usage over the winter period, this predicted figure was achieved much to the content of the end user and client.


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