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BREEAM Assessments

Updated: Jul 5, 2019


New Buildings ✔

Commercial Sector ✔

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Design Stage ✔

The BRE created BREEAM to provide developers with an approach to creating the most sustainable and efficient buildings.

Across the UK, Local Planning Authorities can include BREEAM as a planning condition for new developments, though it can be adopted voluntarily. The scheme is now implemented and recognised worldwide.

BREEAM, like HQM and CfSH, is a credit based assessment. You earn credits by complying with the requirements of the various categories. There are five ratings to aim for, ranging from a Pass, to Outstanding.

BREEAM Accredited Professionals (AP)

Our BREEAM APs will provide a design team with expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment. They will facilitate the team’s efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate the trade-offs required to achieve a target BREEAM rating when the design is formally assessed.

BREEAM Assessments

Our range of BREEAM assessment capabilities and experience across all sectors provides the client and design team with informative, objective and experienced advice on the issues and challenges faced in designing sustainable buildings.

Call our Leeds office on 0113 257 7300 to arrange a consultation with our Sustainability Team, or email for further information.

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