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A Year in the Life of a CAD Technician

The first 12 months service at NOVO Integration has been a very positive start to my career. The experience and knowledge of my seniors has been invaluable to me by guiding and imparting information relevant to the processes required for my role. This experience has been further enhanced by the opportunity NOVO has given me to attend Leeds College of Building to complete a BTEC Diploma in Building Services. This has built knowledge around my role and aided my understanding of Building Services as well as allowing access to relevant technology to further my AutoCAD and Revit practices in work and at home.

I feel my confidence and level of skill has developed enough to confidently interpret and understand drawings from both mechanical and electrical engineers. Initially I would produce drawings that would replicate in AutoCad exactly what I was presented with as a mark up, this process would lead to errors and drawings not achieving quality assurance checks. As I now interpret engineers meanings, ask more questions and apply checks myself I make fewer errors.

I’m looking forward to making progress in Revit as we further implement it into the design process with guidance from my seniors and further training.

I am also embarking on my second year at Leeds College of Building to complete my BTEC Diploma in Building Services.

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