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Overheating Risk Analysis

Updated: Jul 5, 2019


New Buildings ✔

Residential & Commercial Sector ✔

Design Stage ✔

Overheating Risk Analysis is delivered during the design phase and advises clients on preventative measures to avoid overheating in buildings.

This involves producing an accurate model of the development, taking account of any internal heat gains and determining whether the rooms will fall outside a set criteria, which can be determined based on the usage and type of building.

This advises:

  • Whether cooling will be required

  • Whether the current construction is appropriate

  • Whether local shading will be required to minimise the effects of solar heat gains

Ultimately this defines the final end users' comfort within that space.

This is usually required for BREEAM Hea4 (Thermal Comfort) and allows credits to be awarded.

Our Energy Assessors work with architects, designers and developers to inform the design process at an early stage, advising on the risk of overheating and ensuring greater thermal comfort for the building and those within.

Call our Leeds office on 0113 257 7300 to arrange a consultation with our Sustainability Team, or email for further information.


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