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SAP Assessment – We Can Help!

NOVO can provide a comprehensive SAP Assessment to assess the energy performance on new or extended dwellings in accordance with Approved Document Part L1 of the Building Regulations.

Our accredited Assessors can assist house-builders with the best strategy to achieve Part L1 Compliance.

We can guide you through your whole project, offering solutions to help improve sustainability ratings, reduce operational costs, and meet the required limits, at no extra cost.

The SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure)

Most people these days are aware of global warming & the environment.  Due to this, industry has had to adapt to conscientious customers.  People don’t want to feel that a purchase or something they own is damaging to the environment.  Housing is no different.

In 1995 the UK Government introduced the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).  This was a recommended method system for measuring energy ratings of residential dwellings.  It calculates the typical energy costs for space, water heating, lighting & CO2 emissions.  The rating is measured on a scale from 1 to 100+.

There have been several iterations for SAP over the years, the latest being SAP 2012.  New dwellings that do not comply with SAP will fail under Building Regulations Part L Conservation of Fuel and Power.

The SAP 2012 Methodology now focuses more on the CO2 emissions of dwellings, in conjunction with this it also emphasises the importance of a good building fabric to limit heat loss and in turn limit the CO2 emission produced by the dwelling. This element is called the Fabric Energy Efficiency. This looks solely at how Thermally efficient the building is and the materials it is built out of.

With limits set in Building Regulations Part L, this element is absolutely critical to complying with minimum Regulations.

The overall SAP assessment takes into account building fabric including U-Values etc, efficiencies of the heating, hot water and ventilation systems. After a “fabric first” approach has been utilised then renewable technology can be reviewed. The cumulative result of all of these factors gives the overall result out of 100 displayed on the dwellings EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

We can also accredited to assist with Home Quality Mark.

Please contact me via the details below to arrange a consultation or simply for advise with your project.

Paul Arnold - Sustainability Manager

☎ 01132 577 300

Alternatively, you can head to our 'Contact Us' page to fill in our enquiry form - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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