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Sunlight & Daylight Analysis

Updated: Jul 5, 2019


New Buildings ✔

Residential & Commercial Sector ✔

Planning Stage ✔

Design Stage ✔

Our Sunlight & Daylight Analysis services can assist with the maximisation of natural light, to enhance building energy performance, environmental quality and comfort for the end user.

A 3-Dimensional model is produced of the building or development which is analysed against several parameters.

This determines:

  • The level of sunlight received by each room and any potential glare caused

  • The natural light levels of each room

  • Whether the development restricts light on existing buildings

  • Whether the development provides shade to other proposed buildings

These assessments are required as part of BREEAM but also may be necessary where there are specific requirements imposed by the planners or where it is included within the build contract. They are also required from RIBA Stages 1 - 4, from preparation and brief to technical design.

Call our Leeds office on 0113 257 7300 to arrange a consultation with our Sustainability Team, or email for further information.


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