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Director – BEng (Hons), CEng, MCIBSE, LCEA (Level 5)

A Building Services Engineer brings a building to life, making it function to the client’s needs, efficiently and effectively. Producing this building is down to the individuals involved and their interaction.


As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, my passion to achieve this is to carry out the Building Physics analysis. Being a Low Carbon Consultant and utilising thermal modelling software, I can review the detail of the coordination of the building form with the proposed building services to ensure that the occupants of the building are comfortable which results in a positive feeling when entering the premises. Combining this ethos with reducing the carbon footprint provides a fantastic result for our clients.

I have been fortunate throughout my career to develop my skills working on classroom extensions to major new build Acute hospitals. I enjoy implementing the theory and design ethos from concept to completion and find that good communication helps to keep the process as smooth as possible. This means being able to make the case for my ideas and to work with the project team to drive the brief.

The role of the Services Engineer has a positive impact on all projects and is one that focuses on the relationship between buildings and the people that use them. Bringing a building to life comes from thinking about the project as a whole from inception, right through to occupation and getting the right people properly engaged at the right time.

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