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Through the ever-changing world we live in, building design is also evolving. Industries are changing the way they operate and the construction industry is no exception to this.

With the evolving technologies now available, a lot of the challenges previously faced can now be met. There is no need for exchanging of information through paper documents and reports, all this can be met through the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

To maintain NOVO at the forefront of building design we are embracing BIM throughout our business, not just as a design tool, but as a new way of working to improve efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

BIM leads to better performance by increasing efficiency and quality, reducing production time and waste, lowering costs and bringing whole lifecycle benefits. At the same time, BIM enables collaboration between all stakeholders.

The use of clash analysis software is conducted throughout the entirety of a project to eliminate any clashes and spatial issues with regards to installation, access and maintenance space.

Winsford Fire Station PetroChemical Rig
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