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From the Workshop to the Desktop

Here at NOVO, it is our ethos to inspire, motivate and progress the next generation of engineers.

In 2018 we recruited three young prodigies to join our growing team: engineering students Nathan and Ann; and Liam who we have taken on as our newest CAD & Revit Trainee.

Three months into his time with us, Liam shares his experiences and reflects on what he has learned so far:

As the NOVO CAD Team’s most recent addition, I have been looking forward to embracing new challenges within a completely different working environment to my manufacturing background. I have now been with NOVO for three months and I am learning so much from everybody. I have already gained countless new skills within AutoCAD; thanks to the ongoing support I receive from my CAD Team colleagues and mentors.

Everything I am doing is a new experience for me and the team’s patience has been fundamental to my learning. I have been amending CAD drawings based on physical mark-ups provided by engineers and designing and using new symbols to better understand their requirements. I am hoping to make considerable progress in programs such as Revit this year, under the guidance and mentorship of my manager Cameron Nelson. He has supervised me for the majority of my work so far and is always willing to take time to help me learn or understand something.

I am excited for what my future here at NOVO will bring, and I am looking forward to growing my skills and contributing to the work, the team and the wider built environment.


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