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As part of my school’s two-week work experience programme, I initially joined NOVO in 2016. I was offered a summer job to continue my work within the CAD department, and have been a full-time member of the team ever since.


I am currently studying Building Services Engineering at college alongside my work with NOVO, allowing me to develop my understanding of the industry and be a capable member of the team.


I have learned a great deal from my colleagues and mentors who are always happy to help with my work, ensuring consistent delivery and quality.  In 2018 I was shortlisted for a CIBSE Yorkshire Award ‘Apprentice of the Year’ and was later promoted from ‘Apprentice’ to ‘Technician’ as a result of my progression and commitment to my work.


I was previously the CAD Manager of the CAD department from 2019-2022 in which my responsibility was to ensure the work produced by my team is consistent with our high quality standards.


In 2022 I was offered the opportunity to transition into the role of a Mechanical Engineer, building upon my CAD experience and incorporating my own design inputs and calculations within projects. I hope to progress to a qualified and capable Engineer in the coming future.


I consider myself easy going and always aim to work efficiently and proactively.

Apprentices (Jamie, Jake & Dan)_edited_e

Intermediate Mechanical Engineer

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