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From the Tools to Design

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Where I Began

Upon leaving school in 2006, I decided that I wanted to learn a trade.  After looking at my options and decided that becoming an electrician was an area of interest.  I managed to secure myself an apprenticeship training to become an electrician.  I really enjoyed my time on the tools, learning new skills and the theory behind it.  Along with work I also attended Huddersfield Technical College on a day release program.  On completing this, I had earned myself an NVQ, enabling me to make the step from apprentice to qualified electrician.

As an electrician, the learning never stops every experience brings new challenges and different issues to overcome.  In what seemed like a short space of time, I found myself running jobs and overseeing apprentices, who were just starting the same journey I had taken.  I was able to nurture them, teaching them about the experiences I had been through.  I really enjoyed being able to help them and preparing them for the start of their careers.

New Challenges

After about 10 years I decided that I would like a new challenge.  One that would enable me to use the experience I had gained as an electrician.  I looked at the options available to me and decided that becoming an Electrical Engineer within the Building Services industry would be a natural move.  Although, it was still an extremely daunting move, going from being onsite to being in an office.  I took the leap.

Doing the role, I now do at NOVO has made me realise how invaluable my experience as an electrician has been.  I can take that knowledge into my designs and understand what will work and what won’t.  It’s enabled me to become a better engineer.

What’s Next

With the help of NOVO, I’m striving to become better.  I have enrolled at the Leeds College of Building to do a BTEC in Building Services.  Work allows me to take one day a week to attend college.  After I have completed this, I intend on taking my HNC and completing my degree.

I’m thriving now as every day is a challenge and I am constantly striving to be a better engineer.

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