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Engineer for a Year: Nathan Reflects on his Placement at NOVO

My time at NOVO has been thoroughly eye-opening, and I have gained numerous valuable skills which I will be able to take back to university and apply to my further studies and projects.

From designs and calculations to thermal modelling and reports, I have covered many aspects of mechanical and sustainability engineering, and all of my work has kept me interested and eager for more. I have been on site visits and surveys (even entrusted to carry out a boiler room survey on my own) which have helped me to understand how installations translate from design to real life – crucially, that they can sometimes be quite different depending on how building contractors see fit to carry out work. I have been to internal and external meetings which have demonstrated to me how the business keeps running efficiently and how all aspects of a project are accounted for.

Everyone at NOVO has been accommodating whenever I have needed help (which was initially quite often due to my lack of experience), and I hope the mechanical team have appreciated my effort and contributions as much as I have theirs. Socially they are a great bunch of people too – I had no trouble fitting in and nights out have been entertaining to say the least.

I will value my time at NOVO for years to come, and wish the very best for the whole team.


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