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Looking Back to Move Forward: Pete Reflects On His Time at NOVO

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

As I swiftly approach my final few weeks of my 12-month industrial work placement, I have reached a point of reflection of my time at NOVO Integration.

As part of my Mechanical Engineering (BEng) (Hons) degree that I’m currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University, I am to conduct a 12-month work placement within the industry, in order to not only gain practical working life experience, but to directly apply the theoretical knowledge to applicable real engineering scenarios.

In contrast, the final year of my course will be sufficiently aided by the copious amounts of indispensable knowledge and skills I have developed over my time at NOVO.

I began my time at NOVO with a competent understanding of a variety of engineering disciplines and their applications. This background knowledge proved useful in the initial phases of my induction, however, it shortly came apparent that a practical mind combined with an adept apprehension of the industry are as equally important and therefore would be necessary skills to develop.

The experience and guidance of my seniors has been invaluable to me; imparting information relevant to all the diverse range of processes included in the job role. In particular, their practical experience has allowed me to grasp a sense of areas where the job may, to an extent, diverge from the theory taught in the classroom and aid my ability to adapt to difficult scenarios whilst remaining compliant with all necessary and relevant accredited governing bodies.

Through this, I have advanced my intuition with in the sector and my independence has grown to a point where I can now competently design and CAD all the mechanical services for a given project, ensuring designs with integrity, ensuring a balance of cost effectiveness, aesthetic quality and energy efficiency. A key factor in the design process comes from coordinating with all the other services involved such as architects, structural engineers and electrical engineers. In turn, I have furthered developed my team working skills and my ability to develop good relationships with both colleagues and external stakeholders. In addition to this I have been corresponding with statutory authorities to collect data and information regarding existing records of utility supplies to a site as well as liaising with the relevant services to arrange a new supply or disconnect an existing one. As a result of my progression, my knowledge of the industry and the services we provide has expanded and in turn I have a higher level of competency to complete necessary tasks independently and am now able to make appropriate and noteworthy contributions to project discussions and decision making.

So as I start to pack my bags and move back to the student world, despite having to withstand the odd terrible radio station (I’ll leave that one up for debate) I am very grateful for my time at NOVO Integration and the opportunities I’ve been given so that I can look forward to my future professional career with the confidence and reassurance that I have a complex and reliable skill palette at my fingertips.

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