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Supporting Future Engineers

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

As of this week, I have will have been part of the NOVO team for three months since beginning my industrial placement as part of my Mechanical Engineering (BEng) (Hons) course that I’m currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University. Upon reflecting on my time here so far, I believe I have been able to take a significant step in to the industry.

As a university placement student, I began my time at NOVO with a competent understanding of a variety of engineering disciplines and their applications. This background knowledge came in useful in the initial phases of my induction, however, it shortly came apparent that a practical mind combined with an adept apprehension of the industry are as equally important and therefore would be skills I needed to develop.

Through the help of my seniors and the rest of the NOVO team, I have been able to broaden my skill palette and in turn am now able to successfully complete a variety of tasks. Whether it be conducting the calculations for domestic pipe sizing, water storage tank sizing and water booster sizing or completing a detailed drawing of the designed ventilation system to be later drawn up in to a CAD file.

In addition to this I have been corresponding with statutory authorities to collect data and information regarding existing records of utility supplies to a site as well as liaising with the relevant services in order to arrange a new supply.

As a result of my progression, my knowledge of the industry and the services we provide has expanded and in turn I have a higher level of competency to complete necessary tasks independently and am now able to make appropriate contributions to some low-level discussions and decision making.

I am looking forward to the rest of my time here with the NOVO team and I am excited by the challenge of further responsibility and increased involvement on forthcoming projects.

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