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The Next Leading Energy-Saving Solution: Underfloor Cooling

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Underfloor Cooling is predicted to replace air conditioning units in high rise buildings.

The main factor driving this system in becoming popular amongst clients and consultants is the competitive advantage of control that is offered. The system, when paired with underfloor heating, can automatically switch from heating to cooling and vice-versa.

Underfloor cooling is very similar in the way underfloor heating works, except the process of heat transfer is reversed. The room is cooled by passing chilled water through the floor that absorbs the heat.

Heat pump systems work efficiently with underfloor cooling, but can be replaced by other systems, such as chiller units and ground source energy probes. Using underfloor cooling instead of air-conditioning means no draughts, no high air speeds and no cold areas. A comfort cooling effect is provided as well.

For clients looking for a low energy and low carbon solution with low capital and low running costs, this could be the ideal solution. Installation is likely to mean a lower SAP rating (thus higher BREEAM rating) is awarded, and risk of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is reduced. Everybody wins.

NOVO’s in-house team of Mechanical Engineering Experts are always in-the-know about new, up-and-coming solutions for heating, ventilation and cooling. CPD sessions are regularly attended by team members and hosted by the likes of Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Socomec and more, to ensure technical knowledge is to the highest of standards so we can offer the very best to our clients.

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